From Nature… Back To Nature


BIOPACK biodegradable packaging is a registered trademark of NWT Enterprises Ltd., a leading distribution company in Trinidad & Tobago that was established in 1999. Our vision is to positively change the food packaging industry by offering eco-friendly solutions that are biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable.

We are here to change the status quo by developing and supplying a range of sustainable food packaging options that reduces dependence on oil based packaging, polystyrene and other harmful materials that have a negative impact not only on the environment but our health. After many years in the packaging industry we understand the need to substitute the oil-base with abundant and renewable resources. We are starting the process, rewriting some rules and bringing a new big-picture-thinking way of serving food on the go.

We have a passion for the environment but more so recognise that we all have a responsibility. Our BIOPACK biodegradable food packaging line is USDA, USFDA and Vinçotte OK Biobased certified. We provide quality biodegradable packaging made from plant resource raw materials such as plant/corn starch and sugarcane-bagasse that is not only sustainable but also cost-effective.

We believe we need to reduce our waste but if it has to be disposable it should be made from plants. We take as much pride in our food packaging solutions as you take in the food you place on your customer’s plate.

Explore our range to find solutions toward more sustainable business practice. Go green with us.

Ready to “Go Green”?

Let BIOPACK biodegradable packaging grow your business with packaging grown straight from the earth. Our BIOPACK packaging line provides you with the highest quality packaging products available that are not only affordable, but are a future friendly, sustainable solution to oil-based packaging. Consult and share with us insights into your business regarding food packaging use and goals to reduce your footprint.